My first poem – The Ocean

This is a poem that I wrote when I was 21(ish). It was my first ‘real’ poem after my first heartbreak. I copied this in the exact syntax and format as I originally wrote it. I have a very strong urge to fix the punctuation but for now I am leaving it as it is.
In 1992, I did not know what a blog was and or how the internet really worked but here goes nothing:

The Ocean

The cool sand slips through my fingers as I stare
into the ocean
Thinking I am alone I release the emotions that are
trapped inside
My shattered heart and tears stream down my face

I look up as I hear a soft voice and I realize it is the 
ocean calling to me
wanting me to join it in eternal companionship
I rise
and brush the sand from my skin

Walking towards the surf I already feel a peacefulness
wash over me
My feet sink into the wet sand and I long to become
one with my old friend
but I feel I am no longer alone and I glance over my

He stands in the distance looking like a Greek God
his strong arms
urging me to come share his warmth I am confused
I need him
but he has hurt me deeply

The ocean has been nothing but a friend I know what 
I must do
I run to him only to give him one last kiss his lips are
soft and warm
and I wish to stay with him but the waves call to me again

and I turn my back on him to join my one true friend
The Ocean


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